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A little about us, and how it works!

The Makings of Relaxology

Our mission at Relaxology: Self- Care in a Box is all about creating opportunities for our subscribers to take care of their bodies and improve their mental health and overall well being. We are advocates of a self-rewarding lifestyle that allows you, as a subscriber, to pamper yourself for a few precious moments out of your busy day.  As Bryant McGill said, "Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So just RELAX!" That is the core of the Relaxology boxes.

That's why we have a vision of connecting and partnering with other small businesses, offering high quality all-natural skin care, bath and body products to create a luxurious experience in the comfort of your own home. To us, being able to soak in a bath filled with skin nurturing salts, or taking a warm shower with an aromatherapy shower bomb, is essential to keep you happy and healthy. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea made specifically to help you clear your head or get a good night's sleep. Light a candle infused with essential oils to help you enjoy some well-deserved quiet time. These are what you will be able to experience when you subscribe to our monthly boxes.

We also include a lot of other fun accessories such as jewelry, journals and gourmet goodies to compliment our natural products, giving you guiltless and affordable monthly treats! Increase your happiness, improve your mental health, and savor a positive experience: subscribe today!